The Ben & Morey Show

Nashville's Late-Night Talk Show


  • Where can I watch the show?

    • The show is not broadcast on any TV channel. Rather, it is a live theater performance that you pay $10 to attend. Calling it a "late-night talk show" is therefore a bit of a misnomer. However we film each show and, on occasion, will post clips to our YouTube page.

  • Wait, sorry - what channel is it on?

    • 34.
  • So what exactly does $10 get me?

    • Admission to the show, free beer, permission to leave afterward.
  • did you say free beer?

  • Can I reserve tickets beforehand?

    • Tickets may only be purchased at the door. We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes before showtime.
  • Where is the theater located?

    • The theater is located at Centennial Performing Arts Studios in Centennial Park, not far from Hog Heaven and Springwater bar. The address is 211 27th Ave N.
  • Where did Ben and Morey meet?

    • Prison.

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