The Ben & Morey Show

Nashville's Late-Night Talk Show

Ann Patchett

"Ben and Morey are even more fun than Stephen Colbert, and there are two of them! See them now so you can say you knew them when."

-Ann Patchett, NY Times Best-Selling Author

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Bill Purcell

"Nashville deserved a place on the short list of mononymous comedy duos and now we have Ben and Morey. One day they could be a monument in Centennial Park. Alive at this writing, they are more fun than a monument. And much less expensive."

-Bill Purcell, Mayor 1999-2007

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"Vivek and I had so much fun on the show. Ben and Morey’s witty sense of humor, keen sense of observation and unabashed requests for free food totally won us over!"

-Maneet Chauhan, Judge on "Chopped"

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Jugg Sisters

"These guys are hilarious! Who'd have ever thought they'd get their lives together after prison? We're so proud of them. Thanks for all the conjugal visits, boys!"

-The Jugg Sisters, NashTrash Tours

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